AI & Data Science research, advisory and insight

Helping organizations determine a clear measure of tangible returns from the adoption & implementation of AI & Data Science solutions


We’re a frontline consultancy firm that helps organizations in developing data competencies necessary for the successful adoption and implementation of AI & Data Science solutions, by navigating the respective technological, conceptual and practical landscapes.
Data Infrastructure strategy

Re-imagining the collection, storage, and management of data

Organizing Data-Compatible Teams

Creating multidisciplinary teams clearly aware of the AI & Data Science query procedures

Cost implications assessment

Time and periodical cost implications of AI & Data Science solutions

AI & Data Science risks management

Risks could range from the data fed into AI systems to the operation of algorithmic models

Data cleaning, labeling and classification

Even as data readily accessible, its not usually stored in a format that makes it easy to use

Scenario modeling & use-case identification

Conceptual & technological understanding of AI & Data Science solutions capabilities

AI & Data Science Market Resizing

Build, strengthen and maintain the vendor company’s position in the target market

Non-Profit Data Analytics & AI

Track a non-profit's performance management plan (PMP), M&E frameworks & KPIs

Regulatory compliance & engagement

Navigating and organizational roadmap development on data rights & regulations

Alliances Ecosystem

Our Alliances Ecosystem, which includes our clients, R&D partners and implementation partners reflects our commitment to offer better access to specialized services and capabilities.

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