Sector-Specific AI & Data Science Research

Organizing Data-Compatible Teams

Data infrastructure roadmap development

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Determine a clear measure of tangible returns from the adoption & implementation of AI & Data Science solutions

Cut through hype when considering AI & Data Science solutions for your organization

We’re a frontline consultancy firm helping organizations in developing data competencies necessary for the successful adoption and implementation of AI & Data Science solutions, by navigating the respective technological, conceptual and practical landscapes – hence enabling organizations to climb the data analytics learning curve quickly and roll out more use cases than they might otherwise.

While there is a genuine and proven sentiment that AI & Data Science solutions will and continue to transform industries, the broader dynamics of how they can be applied in for-profit and non-profit organizations are rarely discussed in depth as vendors often remain incentivized to make their technology sound more capable than it is.

Tools & Technologies

Protocol.AI Alliances Ecosystem

Protocol Network International, Inc. has established partnership with leading organizations and consultancy firms which serve specific areas of expertise relevant to our work. This has given us the ability to assemble virtual teams that include employees/experts from each of the associates, making each team better-rounded while reducing costs.
Our Alliances Ecosystem reflects our commitment to offer our clients access to specialized services and capabilities.

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